Friday, August 13, 2010

Meet Stormy the mammoth donkey

Stormy is also a Mammoth Donkey but is on the small size . He is 20 years old and has a very charming personality. Stormy also arrived with health issues, he had craters of sores in his stomach and neck area from the Bot fly larvae hatching and travelling through his body until they broke through the skin. This could of been avoided if Stormy had been wormed on a regular basis. Stormy has sores in his mouth because of the spurs on his teeth cutting inside his cheeks and his feet were in need of some serious farrier work. All these issues have been dealt with in a speedy manner by two vets and two farriers within two days of the donkeys arrival. The vets cleaned all the sores, wormed Stormy, floated his teeth in with a grinder, and he is now getting his sores cleaned daily. He gets Vitamin shots and lots of love and attention. Stormy is trying to do a little bray now and then and when he is really feeling better his bray will come out loud and clear. All the mammoths are on pasture for one hour a day twice a day with the time getting longer each day. Stormy is on his way to full recovery. If you wish to sponsor Stormy you can contact us at the refuge on our website .

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