Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mammoths on the Mend

The Mammoths are coming along nicely. Ruby's leg is still not healed, she seems to open up the wound each day from walking. The location is not good for rest of the area, but it is slowly closing up from the inside. Lillie is becoming a real lover and Sassy, well I would say Sassy was aptly named. Stormy is braying each morning now and the others are trying to find their voice as well. On Monday the other two mammoths will arrive and we will begin once again with Vet checks and farrier work. These other two will probably need the same care and attention to get them on the road to recovery like their friends. That is Ruby behind the sign and the rest of the herd up on the second pasture. The weather and the irrigation has certainly helped keep the pastures green this year and this keeps the hay costs down for the year. A very special thank you to everyone who sent cheques along to assist in the costs of rescuing these donkeys. Every dollar counts and goes to the vet and farrier bills that are accumulating. So thank you again to everyone for caring enough to send along what you can. We have seen the lawyer and commenced the process to become a Non Profit Society. This process will take some time but will help the day to day running of the Refuge and the security of the Donkeys. It will also enable us to give out Tax Receipts for the Donations.
I will post again next week with news on the rescue of the last two Mammoth ........until then have a good weekend everyone.

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