Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meet Ruby the Mammoth donkey

Ruby arrived Saturday with 3 other Mammoth Donkeys. She had a cut on her leg when they picked her up but she travelled safely thanks to a very caring Tanya of Eastwind Stables and Horse carrier. Tanya donated her time , truck and trailer to pick these animals up and get them to the Refuge. The laceration on Ruby's leg needed attending right away so Rob started cleaning the area with cold water and it was apparent that the cut was extensive, then he noticed what he thought was dirt on her belly. As he started to rub the stomach area maggots began to fall out of the belly skin onto the ground.. There were craters of open wounds on Ruby's belly, neck and legs. What could possibly be causing this type of injury. When Matthew the Vet from Shuswap Veterinary Clinic arrived and started his inspection he came to the conclusion that Bot or Warble flies had laid eggs in Ruby last fall and because she hadn't been wormed the larvae were able to live and find their way out of the donkey's body the following summer. Ruby is now on antibiotics, multi vitamins, pain killers and she gets her wound cleaned daily and healing ointments applied twice a day. She has also been wormed and will get wormed again in three weeks. The farriers also came immediately to trim her feet. Ruby has been a very gentle soul through all this turmoil and takes her medication with grace. Ruby now goes out to pasture for an hour twice a day and she sure enjoys it.

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