Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lots of News from the Farm.

I bet you have been wondering where we have been and what has kept us so busy. Spring has definitely arrived early here so we are working outside a lot more than usual for March. The donkeys are already standing in the one pasture waiting and watching for each grass blade to grow and then enjoying a daily roll in the mud.
In the first week of March we were visited by the original founders of the Canadian Donkey Sanctuary in Guelph Ontario, Sandra and David Pady and Paula a past Director of the Sanctuary . They all came by to meet and greet us and the donkeys and to see what we were doing and of course give hugs to each donkey. We got a full thumbs up from them and they said that we are doing a great job. We also got to ask a lot of questions while they were here and received some good tips on donkey care and running a donkey refuge. A week after they left we received from the Donkey Sanctuary two very good donkey care books which will be great reference material for the future. If you are interested in reading all about their story they have a wonderful website with lots of pictures and stories.
The new store and studio will be finished soon and then I will post pictures. Donkeys Days planning is coming along nicely and it looks like it is going to be even bigger and better than last year. Curly the goat is out and about the farm each day, visiting with everyone and grazing on the bits of lawn that is greening up. I hope he will start to eat the thistles as they germinate and any other weeds that he finds.
The swans and loons are back on the lake and the geese are making a lot of noise as they start to match up for the coming mating season. This truly is the best time of year and now that I have my camera working again I will take some pictures and post them this week. Until then have a great weekend. Cheers Shirley

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