Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Farrah , what a beautiful girl she is! Adding another 40 feet of donkey space!
Some days are just easier than others aren't they. We got all our turkeys delivered to happy customers, the sun is shining, the barn extension is underway and the all the new donkeys are settling into a routine. The routine will change for the better once the barn is finished and then all the donkeys will settle into their favourite eating and sleeping place and everything will settle down for the winter. Right now we have donkeys everywhere trying to figure out what we want them to do and thankfully the weather has been reasonable for the sleeping arrangements outside. The barn should be usable by the beginning of next week. We had to separate the donkeys from the building site as they would wreck havoc during the night playing with what ever was new from the days construction and donkeys can chew through something pretty fast if they want to. Hence they are residing on paddock one except for little Sara and the new donkey Farrah who have the barn for the night. Farrah is missing her old home and as she was with horses before she stands by the fence staring at the horses at the farm next door. Today I will take her for a little walk around the place just to give her something else to think about. Every night Bob spends time with her alone just giving hugs, touching her and talking softly. His technique takes time but it is a very successful way of bonding with donkeys. Each day is easier for the new donkeys on the farm. Cheers Shirley

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