Saturday, December 19, 2009

Seeing Double

The new barn.
Juanita and Pueblo, mom and son!
Fifi and Lady, just good friends!
The barn is built and the donkeys are enjoying the lap of luxury. They have lots of room, the doors can be shut to block the cold winds and there is lots of light streaming in during the day. In fact it is so comfortable that we have to shoo them out on nice days so they can get some fresh air and exercise. There was the usual few days of upset while all the donkeys figured out where their eating position was and that is all dependant on the pecking order which is still being established with the new donkeys arrival. It actually hasn't been all that bad which is something nice about donkeys they take their time thinking about things so they can analyse any situation so there was not a lot of fighting going on. Donkey Man did get kicked by Julio at one feeding time and from the sound of the crack we thought he had a broken bone for sure, it was just a bit of bruising and pain for a few days. It wasn't Julio's fault really he was protecting his food from another donkey during feeding time and Bob just got in the way. Part of the Pecking order process I was talking to you about.
The holidays are only a week away and some of the sponsors have had a chance to come by and visit their donkeys and bring treats and hopefully we will see more of you over the Christmas break. The weather is so mild right now it is quite a comfortable time to visit.
January will bring a start to our planning for next years Donkeys Days which is Saturday June 19, 2010, mark your calenders. Have a nice weekend. Cheers Shirley

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