Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weaving and Worms

A few of my handwoven cotton rugs and skeins of hand spun wool yarn that I have been busy getting ready for the Market in Sorrento on Saturday. It was a good market and anything I didn't sell is going to the Guild Christmas Sale next weekend. This all makes for a very interesting life. My mind is now full of new future projects that I will spend the winter weaving and spinning. How great is that. My main goal this winter is more hand woven wool rugs in Country Western design. I will let you know how they turn out.

Max and Nova -2009

Another fast and glorious week has passed on the farm. The donkeys all had their worming done and they all stood like good little troopers tied up in a row awaiting their medicine. Some of the harder to handle donkeys like Lady and Fifi have come such a long way this past year that it is sometimes hard to believe they are the same donkeys. The only donkey left that doesn't like her feet done is Lady, but considering what is was like to just catch her last year she has come a long way. Lady now comes up to us to get her share of hugs. Julio is still acting like the dominant male and even though he is half the size of the others he may just end up the leader. Sara is now fed in the barn by herself as she is on her mash twice a day and only gets the soft part of the hay. Her teeth just are not healthy enough any more and she will probably be getting another extraction if the vet ever gets out here to do it. Our dentist vet is on maternity leave which is too bad as she does such a great job with all the donkey's dental care.

Curly the new goat is a really loveable friendly guy and of course the other goats do not like him. Miracle has tried to beat him up and Finny just follows her mother. So to make a long and frustrating story shorter, Miracle is in a stall to eat by herself and we are still trying to bond Finny and Curly in another stall. I think Curly has been bullied before and that is why he only has one horn. We are also wondering if he was brought up with a dog because any time Abbey our dog barks Curly is out of the barn to see what all the commotion is. Huh? Have a great week and thank you all for taking the time to read my ramblings. Cheers. Shirley

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