Sunday, November 15, 2009

7 plus 2 = 9

Donkey Man with Juanita and Pueblo 11/09

Surprise! we accepted two new donkeys to the Refuge today. Their names are Juanita, the mother and Pueblo the son. There arrived from the Kamloops area and they seem to be very friendly donkeys. The definitely are splitting images of each other and the only way you can tell that there is two of them is the different colours of their halters. They are residing in separate stalls in the barn until we can bond with them and also gradually introduce them to the other donkeys and goats.
As a result of the arrival of two more donkeys we are now going ahead with enlarging the barn and feeding area. It was a plan for the future but it is needed now more than ever with two more bodies to house during the cold winter weather. The costs of housing and caring for these animals continually rise and all donations and sponsorship greatly assist in helping with these costs. Juanita and Pueblo will be up for sponsorship in the near future and for the sum of $50.00 a year you receive a picture of the donkey and a quarterly newsletter which keeps you informed of your donkeys progress and life. If you are interested in this process you may email the refuge at I will keep you informed of the progress of these two new long ears that have arrived for all of us to love. Thanks Shirley

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