Sunday, November 22, 2009



Lady,Fifi and Sara

Julio and Jose'

Our Vet Jay arrived on Tuesday for the regular vet check that we give all new donkeys when they arrive at the Refuge. The two new donkeys Juanita and Pueblo were in pretty good health. Juanita needed her front teeth floated in which means the vet takes a drill and after sedating the animal he then grinds down the teeth that have grown too long. If you do not keep up with the dentistry care then eventually the animal will have trouble eating properly. The two new ones also received all their shots and were wormed. Juanita also has one hoof that will need extra care on the next farrier visit.

The next donkey to receive care was poor little Sara . She had three more teeth pulled and she has two more that are loose and which we hope will last her another six months. Sara's teeth issues are a result of poor diet in her past and like anyone eventually this will show up as other health issues as the animal grows older. Sara is now on all soaked food for the winter and we shall see how she does on pasture next year. Sara was pretty sore for the next few days and we are very glad that all this work was done on her mouth while she was under sedation.

The two new donkeys are in the herd during the day but are separated for feeding and at night. All the donkeys are still a little nervous of the new members of the herd and there is a lot of Hee Hawing going on. In fact the third night the noise went on all night. I wonder sometimes what our neighbours think of all the braying and honking that goes on sometimes.

The fellows are arriving tomorrow to start on the extension to the barn. We will be so happy when it is done and then we will never have to feed the donkeys outside in the rain and wind during the milder weather when they don't really need to be in the barn. Donkeys don't like rain and they do not do well in cold wind. After all they really are desert animals . Until next time. Cheers Shirley

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