Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weather Surprises

Wonders never cease. We had snow on the mountain across from us on Friday and Saturday morning and yet there are still small spot fires burning. It has been so dry we were hesitant to even light our wood burner furnace. We finally got some rain on Saturday and Donkey Man was more comfortable about lighting a fire after we spent 6 weeks worrying about putting fires out. We had a heavy frost last night so fall is definitely here.

The donkeys had their feet trimmed on Wednesday and everyone was on their best behaviour. Even Jose got his feet done without a twitch. I am so pleased with him and he got lots of hugs for his calm acceptance of the procedure. It took us 10 years and two very good farriers to get him to comply. Now Fifi needs some extra attention on feet handling. The babies Julio and Nova were perfect and even Lady didn't need any extra handling. It was all good.

The goats Miracle and Finny are getting sheared on Monday and I will be sending their fleeces away to be processed with some Blue Face Leicester sheep fleece. This combination will make very good sock yarn and will end up being dyed and spun by me. My last fleece combo is Dorset and Mohair and I will be receiving that back from the Woolen Mill in the next few weeks.

Last night was a little cooler and my guess is the dog and cats finally decided they could share the bed with each other. This is a first! The dog Abbey does not usually allow the cats up when she sleeps on the settee. This is her bed and it is covered with a wool stuffed pillow and a wool rug. Nice and cozy. I guess we will never get the cats back in the barn now.......Talk to you soon. Shirley

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