Monday, September 14, 2009

It is over we hope

These are some fire pictures that a neighbour emailed out of our fire in Turtle Valley. This was two weeks ago and I can tell you that everyone in the valley is very thankful that it is safe to live here again. Two weeks of worry, stress, fear and panic has taken its toll on all of us. I am so happy we moved the donkeys and goats out when we did and even happier that they are home again. We are back into a routine and the donkeys are on a good pasture for the rest of the season. We are getting an irrigation system installed this week so if there is ever another fire we will have access to water and equipment to protect our farm.
We learned a lot from the local farmers on how to save your farm from fire and we are going to use the knowledge to get better prepared. The local people saved the valley from this fire and deserve recognition for all the hard work and long sleepless nights that everyone experienced.
These pictures are of the mountain across the valley from us and it is really a miracle that no one lost any buildings or animals.
On a more positive note the garden is almost finished and the larder is looking full. My hens are laying eggs like crazy so I am going to have to find more customers for all the egg production. The goats are going to need shearing at the end of the month and hopefully I will be receiving the spring clip back from the Woolen Mill on Salt Spring Island. I have mixed the mohair with Dorset wool from a ram owned by my friend Clare. It was a beautiful fleece and will make some great yarn for dyeing and weaving. My winter will be full of fun times this year.
Well I hope this has caught you up with our farm. Until we chat again. Cheers Shirley

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