Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hello again. Just a quick note to let everyone know that we are in the middle of a fire in the Skimikin and Sorrento area. The fire got very close to us last night so we evacuated the donkeys and the goats at 3:00 am.. A nice lady named Shannon and her family arrived with their truck and trailer and hauled all the donkeys except Jose. Jose just would not load after many tries so we had the Vet come out today and sedate Jose so we could get him into the trailer. All the donkeys are safe at Shannon's farm in Salmon Arm until we can evaluate the fire and our safety. The SPCA were so caring and helpful in arranging all the people and equipment required to move the donkeys and I cannot say enough about how quickly they put everything together. Please remember the SPCA in any donations that you make, I know I will. I will try and keep you informed as to our progress. The farms is so quiet without the animals around so I hope they all come home soon. Cheers for now.

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  1. I was watching the smoke tonight, from Falkland's point of view. You are in our thoughts...