Thursday, August 20, 2009

Julio's Special Friends.

Julio examining his next toy.
Julio posing with his new bucket from Livia and Kevin.

The other day Julio had a special visit from his friends Livia and Kevin. Livia and Kevin had met and sponsored Julio at the Donkey Days in June and had come by bearing gifts. They knew that Julio loved buckets and they had brought him a special bucket with his name on it. He carries the bucket around, puts his head in it and carries it around by the handle until Nova comes along and tries to take it. This was a nice gift that makes Julio feel very special. Thank you Kevin and Livia for your thoughtfulness, you made a donkey very happy.

All the donkeys are doing really well. We have had to start feeding hay as the lack of rain has caused some of our pastures to dry up. We are irrigating pasture one right now and the donkeys should be able to get back on it in a week or so. We will have to monitor how much time they will be on it each day as the grass is very rich in this pasture. We tried putting all the donkeys out on the hill side but they would just go through the electric fence and run around. It's to bad because there is a lot of feed on the hill but they wouldn't settle down and just graze. The herd mentality took precedent.
We got all our winter hay in and the donkeys raised enough money to completely pay for the purchase. We are very appreciative of all the donations that made this possible. Our friends of the donkeys are very special and considerate people and we thank everyone for all the help.
Have a great weekend. Cheers Shirley

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