Thursday, August 6, 2009

A quick farm update

I know you are wondering where I have been. My only excuse is that after Donkey Days the farm became our main focus; so between gardening, worm sales and donkey tours the last month just sped by. August is bringing more moderate weather and now we are getting ready for winter. Hay is being hauled in, vegetables and fruit is being canned, dehydrated or frozen and meat is being put in the freezer. The donkeys are doing awesome they look great with their summer coats and even though we have had no rain for over a month and the pastures are drying up the donkeys still seem to be getting fatter. We have one pasture that we can't even put them on as they will just gain more weight.
Last week the farrier came and it went so well. Jose had his feet done for the first time without being sedated or twitched and Lady let herself be haltered without any attitude. We are very very pleased with how both these donkeys are coming along in their training. Sara is showing some weight problems and is having more trouble with her teeth and chewing and so her mouth gets cleaned out daily of any captured food that may catch in her side gums. Julio and Nova are their usual happy selves . Nova seems to be getting a little taller and has passed Julio in size. Lady's foot has almost healed up completely and the hoof has just about grown out and is attached and she doesn't limp much anymore. Thank heavens for good farriers. Fifi is doing well and seems to like the attention she gets when the tours come. Hopefully we can use her next year with more hands on attention. Maximo is Maximo he is definitely the ruler of the herd now and can pull some major attitude sometimes but it is all harmless. He is going to be put to harness as soon as possible as time permits. I hope this short update will keep you coming back to read about our progress on the farm. I will try and make time to post at least once a week now that things have settled down a bit. Have a good one. Cheers Shirley

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