Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lessons in Life

Max the wonder donkey;

Lady has been cooped up in her stall for about 4 weeks now other than the other night when someone ( I won't mention any names) left the gate open at evening check . Lady was out in the morning and Nova her daughter was busy trying to nurse from her mother. Lady has been showing her disapproval of this situation and has been throwing her hay and feeder and water bucket around the stall which makes a big mess and adds time to the stall clean up. Donkey man doesn't like this behaviour and decides yesterday he is going to attach the feeder to the wall. Of course Lady ( now we are talking about a donkey here folks) decides she isn't happy with this new idea and this morning Donkey Man goes in to do the chores and finds she has pooped in her feeder which is attached to the wall. She would of had to back into the wall to do the deed so her message was received Loud and Clear. We think we teach the animals but really they teach us. I am not sure if this will be a reoccurring scenario but it makes you wonder who the smarter animal is.

This leads me to another poop story. In the mornings part of the daily chores is picking up the unwanted product all around the feeders outside. One morning Donkey Man was doing just that with the trusty pooper scooper and a wheel barrow. Max the Wonder Boy is watching all this activity and decides to help. He backs up to the wheelbarrow and proceeds to deposit his offering to the wheel barrow. He then turns around and has a look that says I know and you now know I can help but I am never going to do this again. Alas once again we wonder who is teaching who.

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