Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hurry Up and Wait.

Beautiful Fifi.

Yes we still have snow in our pastures! Gone soon we hope. That is ice on the lake in the background. The geese are back and waiting.

Fifi, Max, Sara and Jose waiting for a pedicure;

Yesterday was supposed to be Farrier day so all the Donkeys were lined up an hour ahead of schedule and given a brush and hoof clean. As it turned out the Farriers van broke down so it was just a quality time event. Jose and I went for a walk in the sun. We think Jose has some sight issues so we are going to have to get his eyes checked next Vet visit. Something is definitely bothering him as he just seems a little sad. It could be that Lady is still in her stall and he is missing her.

We have been busy getting ready for the arrival of the pigs. As it turns out the weaner pigs were lost in a barn fire so we are taking 12 Feeder pigs. This means they are bigger and weigh more so it takes a shorter time to get them to market weight. It also means we had to re-arrange the barn layout to make room for them. We still can't get to the area where the permanent pig pen is going because of the snow. It has to melt sooner or later. We are thinking next week with the good weather coming our way.
I am picking up my chicks on Thursday so I will post pictures then.
Have a great week.

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