Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Have I told you about Jose'. I must admit he has been one of my favourite donkeys since the beginning, not because he was so gentle and easy to train. Oh no I had to fall for the one that has been the hardest to train and bond with. Well, he is having a hard week this week as Fifi has come into heat and he just doesn't know why it is bothering him so much. He is "IN LOVE" but is getting nothing in return and has no equipment to understand his frustration. So on that note I would say spring has officially arrived.

The first farrier that we hired came to do the donkeys soon after Jose arrived and she left us a nasty note describing how he pulled her across an acre and into the bush and then deposited her on to a stump. Needless to say she wouldn't do his feet anymore. We had to pay the vet to come out and sedate him and do his feet. Thank heavens we now have two farriers that take it all in stride and are not fazed by Jose antics.

The snow is melting although we did get a bit of snow this morning which turned to rain. Now we are complaining about all the mud on the roads. Will we ever be satisfied. Our crocus' and daffodils are coming up along the house and I saw a couple of robins the other day. We are just waiting for a bit more of a melt and then the work starts on the pig pen and new chicken coop.

Donkey man (Farmer Bob) will be going full bore soon but like he says he works better under pressure. In another month the goats will be sheared and I will send the fleece to be processed. I will then be offering it for sale as fleece or yarn. I will keep you updated.
On Saturday I am off to Kamloops to a Tack Sale and hopefully I sell more than I buy. Have a great week. Cheers.

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