Sunday, March 15, 2009

Julio's Bucket List

What can I say it snowed last night and it is snowing again now. In between this weather we had a few hours of melt and I went and gave everyone a good brush and lots of love and hugs in the sunshine. This picture is of Julio who is 1 1/2 years old and the son of Fifi. He loves to play with buckets, he carries them around and puts his head inside and I think he would do it for hours if you let him. He is a real character and loves attention. Max and him were the two donkeys that worked the Donkey Days last year and he is going to be a real good donkey for public appearances. We think he is a cross between a miniature and standard size donkey. This year we will be doing more halter and walking training with him. It will be a real pleasure to work with him.

I just ordered my 50 chicks for laying hens. They will be arriving on April 9 th and will spend the first two weeks in my mud room. I hope the snow is gone by then so we can get to the area where the new chicken coop is going otherwise we are going to put them into a temporary area in the shop. Not our best choice but this weather just isn't letting up so we can get busy outside.
This is one of my handwoven rugs that I finished recently. It is 27" x 54" and is made from 100% cotton rags on a cotton warp. Price $70.00. These rugs wear really well and can be machine washed. The colour is more red than pink as it is showing on my screen.

I must say hello to Laurisa one of our new followers and a special thank you to all the people who so generously donated to the Refuge at the Seed Saver Event last week. Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated. Our fund raising goal this year is for an automatic heated water trough for the barn and an extension to the barn for a loafing shed and to make room for more donkeys. We feel with the economic times as they are we are going to see more donkeys needing homes and we want to be ready. Until we meet again. Cheers.

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