Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rugs and Worm Composting.

Handwoven Cotton rag rugs measuring 24x36 inches.
Handwoven Wool rug measuring 28" x 54".

Hello again. I am pleased to report that Lady's foot is doing a lot better. The vet came out and found a sore in her left hoof so we have been putting Iodine in it and keeping it clean. She has been by herself for a few days in the barn and so the weaning of baby Nova is being accomplished at the same time.

I have been very busy getting ready for the Seed Saver event and I have enclosed a couple of pictures of my handwoven rag and wool rugs. These particular ones sell for 35.00-85.00 and they are wool on a cotton warp and cotton rag. I have other rugs as well. I should have about 15 rugs ready by March 7. On Saturday we are hosting a Worm Composting Workshop where the people come and build there own Composting Bin with worms and leave with everything ready to add their kitchen scraps . They should get compost to use in May for the gardens and bedding plants. The worms produce a very rich humus all from eating newspaper, cardboard, vegetable and fruit peelings and of course coffee grounds and tea bags. It is an amazing process to follow. Another great way to go green to help the environment and yourself at the same time. Cheers.

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