Sunday, February 15, 2009

Improvements All Around

This is one of our little babies named Nova. Her mother is Lady who is undergoing some new training while her knee is healing. Nova is still nursing but should be weaned so she is upset that she can't be with her mother right now. Our barn isn't set up for us to separate Nova from her mom so this will help Lady to dry up during the day and hopefully she will wean Nova. If not we will have to divide them come the better weather.
This is Lady the donkey we nicknamed The Evil One. She let me brush her yesterday and rub her head and ears. She is also standing nicely while being tied up. Today she stood while the barn was cleaned out and new shavings put down and she took all the activity really well. She shows fear around rakes so we feel that someone has hit her and really scared her with a rake of some kind. Her knee is feeling a lot better so the confinement seems to be helping. We are very pleased with her.

She is showing signs of losing her nickname and truly becoming a Lady.

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