Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lady and her attitude adjustments!

Well it finally happened. Lady is now getting some one on one attention whether she wants it or not. We think she slipped on the ice and hurt her knee and has been limping for the last couple of days. So we rounded her up and put her in the barn by herself to hopefully get her to rest and also it allows us to handle her and watch her better.
Just to go back in time a bit , Lady arrived last summer with her baby Nova . She was almost impossible to catch at the farm where she was and had to be bribed with grain and treats just to get close to her. We don't do bribing so it was always a rodeo to catch her. She now has realized that if she doesn't stand still she is going to have to do a lot of running until she gives in to what we want her to do. So the sore knee has resulted in her getting some needed training and bonding and hopefully make her a better citizen on the farm. Sometimes we just don't know what causes a donkey to be so head shy and non-responsive to handling and loving so it takes a while to get close to these donkeys. I don't know if Lady will ever be a hugger but at least she isn't running away every time we come into the paddock. We have one donkey Jose who use to run away if you came up to the barn with a different pair of gloves on or a different colour jacket. He took years to come around. We have seen a great improvement in Lady's disposition this winter and this confinement will also help with her training. I am just going to go down to the barn and see if she will let me brush her. I will use caution and be slow and steady as I don't want to scare her anymore than she already is. I will report on my success. Have a wonderful pre -spring day. Cheers.

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