Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Time To Pull Out The Long-Johns

Sara and Her Admirer Share A Very Special Moment
We were at the Refuge on Monday to try to figure out how to put cameras in the barn so we can watch them all the time.  I can see a time in the future when all of us can go to the Refuge website, click on the webcam link and watch the donkeys in the barns 24/7.  You can do that at the Donkey Sanctuary in Great Britain and it is mesmerizing.  They are so peaceful - maybe it will keep me and others of a certain age entertained when we are wondering what the heck we are doing up in the dark of night.
It is getting cold there and the donkeys are fully fuzzed up.  When they all get their winter coats they begin to look alike which makes it interesting if you are trying to find a particular donkey.  Thank goodness some of them have their green and blue necklaces.
They are still going out into the paddock to soak up the last bit of warmth still emanating from the sun.  Soon they will retreat to the protection of the barns, away from the wind and snow, keeping each other warm by snuggling together.
The minis and mammoths were pretty still but the standard herd was enjoying a good trot around their paddock.  So great to see that they still appreciate their new home.  I have never seen them so active. It is such a treat to watch them having fun.
Of course Tom stopped to visit with his favorite donkey, Ollie just before we left for home. No matter what is going on, Ollie always has time to make you feel good.  He is such a lovely gentleman.
Tomorrow is another day at the Refuge but I can promise that I will be wearing long-johns.  Brrrr!

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