Sunday, November 30, 2014


I have been reading the story and comments on facebook about our handsome mammoth donkey Socrates. I remember when he and Annie arrived, and the first time I saw him.
They were up at the Max barn and I was excited, as always to see our newest residents.  When I saw him for the first time my heart broke.  There he was, leaning against the outside of the barn, looking like he could collapse at any moment.  He was sweaty and weak.
The vet had already been out to see him and determined that he had Cushings Disease. His suggestion was that he was just too ill and should be put down.  The decision on what to do was left to Shirley and Rob.  Thank goodness they decided that they would see if he would respond to the medicine that the vet suggested.  And he did - slowly but steadily he improved.  At first his medicine was hidden in bread with honey on it.  Then he learned, under protest at times, to take the medicine orally from a syringe.  Every day, without fail, for the rest of his life.
Two years later he is just as handsome as ever, with a lovely disposition and patience beyond understanding. He and his best friend Annie are part of the Special Care Herd.  During the summer, we had Socrates participate in many of the hands on special needs tours at the Refuge and he was so patient and calm, especially for such a big tall boy.  We are very proud of him as the groups can be quite noisy and jumpy at times.  He stood there like the gentleman that he is.

Thank you Shirley and Rob for your dedication to Socrates and all the other donkeys.

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  1. Shirley and Rob are so dedicated to the Refuge mandate and to the lives of each of the donkeys in t heir care. Socrates is an amazing donkey and he is blessed to call the refuge home.