Saturday, October 4, 2014


Salmon Arm RONA Supports Refuge
Mini Donkey Sara with best buddy Ladybug

It is going to be a wonderful day! Salmon Arm RONA is having a grand re-opening and has asked the Refuge to participate by flipping burgers - they provide everything and we get ALL proceeds.  How wonderful.  I believe there will be 5 of us there - all "donkeynuts" - to raise money for our amazing long-ears.  
It is so nice to be remembered by the business community when opportunities like this arise.  Apron, hat, warm clothes....and I'm off!  (Not until 8 am but I am ready!)
Have a Great Day Everyone!
Next Saturday is our Mexican Fiesta Fundraiser at the new Refuge location.  Hope to see lots of folks out to enjoy visiting our donkeys before the snow flies.

This is a picture of Sara - one of our first donkeys who came to us so malnourished that most of her hair had fallen out.  Shirley and Rob fed her properly and even covered her with a blanket for the winter while her hair grew back.  When Ladybug arrived, they bonded immediately and have been fast friends ever since.  Sara is losing her eyesight so Ladybug is truly her seeing eye donkey as Sara follows her to be safe.  Ladybug also stands over Sara while she naps.  So sweet but not at all surprising to see donkeys care for one another.  That is what donkeys do!

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