Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Sure Sign of Feeling Safe

A Sure Sign Of Feeling Safe

Yesterday I spent the day at the new Refuge.  It is so lovely there that you feel joy as soon as you step out of the car. 
It was an early day as we were "practicing" for the Mexican Fiesta on October 11th.  We turned the spotless kitchen in the residence upside down as we prepared and cooked our delectable choices - spanish rice, beef and bean burritos, the veggie burrito with beans only and nachos.  It smelled soooo good and tasted pretty yummy as well.  We refined the menu, returned the kitchen to its former glory and relaxed on the deck for a few minutes.

Then it was off to see the donkeys.  They are so happy.  And peaceful.
A visit with the minis is always such fun as they are so happy to see everyone and get their scritches and hugs.  The standards were off doing their own donkey things so I headed to the mammoth dormer to see what the big boys and girls were up to.

Some of the mammoths were in the dormer - Ollie and Stormy, Sassy and Lillie, Sampson and ....wait where was Cotton? 
These two are always together watching out for each other.  After protecting each other while they were basically on their own before their rescue, and while they healed from the pain of overgrown hooves and the fear of humans after they came into our care, I had just never seen them apart.
Sure enough, Sampson was relaxing in the dormer and Cotton was out in the paddock, contentedly munching on the tufts of grass.
What may seem like such a small thing is actually HUGE!  To see that Cotton and Sampson feel safe enough to be apart means that we have provided an environment that has helped them heal.  I am so happy to be part of this.
Ah, another great day with the donkeys!

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