Saturday, March 17, 2012


Ah, the joys of spring. By last Wednesday, heavy snow and rain fall the past few weeks combined with temperature fluctuations from plus 8C to minus 10C had turned our access road into a slippery, foot deep lake. As if that wasn't exciting enough, the water in the well, our source for the donkeys and humans, has temporarily gotten dirty and unsafe due to the runoff. After considering the options, Rob and Shirley arranged to get a huge water tank that fits in the back of a truck and will be running back and forth to Shuswap Lake to get fresh water for the donkeys until the well cleans up. A few of us are lending our rainbarrels to help with gathering water. Sean, the assistant farm manager, is keeping Rob and Shirley supplied with potable water for themselves.
Shirley sent an email later yesterday to let me know that the road seems to be drying up so I am off to walk donkeys later this morning. Not that a little thing like an underwater road could stop me. Now where did I put my hip waders?

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