Sunday, February 14, 2010

Not ours but cute just the same!

I was awoken this morning to the familiar sound of geese flying over our farm. The sound at first sounded out of place and I thought I was dreaming but then I realized it was real and I jumped out of bed and ran to the window to see if I could see the geese returning to our lake. It's true they are here but they are down at the far end of the lake where the ice must be melted because our end is still very frozen. It just seems so early for them to be back but then this winter has been warmer than usual and very enjoyable for the residents of the Shuswap. We have been busy as usual around here. The store and my studio has been the ongoing project this winter and at the end of this week the drywall will be up and painted. I am really looking forward to my studio but I must admit I am even more excited about my root cellar which will have potatoes and garlic in it by the weekend. Finally a proper place to store the veggies from the garden. Our Country Store will be open from Donkey Days thru to October from 10:00 am. to 3:00 p.m. Thursday thru Monday, closed Tuesday and Wednesday. This means that you can come and visit the donkeys during those times without having to phone first. In other words this year we are open for business. It is exciting and has made for a lot of plans and lots of weaving and spinning going on. The store will feature country crafts, handwoven rugs, hand spun yarn, antique farm tools and collectables and other antique items and furniture. The coffee will always be on and the drive to the refuge will be worth the visit. I hope you all get a chance to come by and see what we have accomplished so far this year.
The plans for Donkey Days are coming together and I think everyone will enjoy all the new features this year. We may even have a new mini donkey that is coming from Alaska ( more on that as the particulars unfold.)
I have to go vacuum the store for the drywall so I best get busy. Have a Happy Valentines Day everyone and we will post again soon. Cheers Shirley

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