Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hello again.

January has been busy mainly because we have had such mild weather that we can get outside and walk, plan and wait for the spring to arrive. The down side of the mild weather is the mud and because the ground is still frozen the water didn't have a chance to run off normally and as a result the donkeys are all muddy and dirty. Donkey man had a load of sand/gravel delivered which he placed in the new donkey loading shed. This has made a huge difference and is a great improvement but now the donkeys do not want to got outside because they are so comfortable.

The farriers are coming tomorrow and the new barn is big enough for all 10 donkeys to be trimmed in one spot out of the weather. This will be much more comfortable no matter what season it is.

As you can see from the pictures the mild weather melted all our snow and there was not much to speak of, the coming seasons should be interesting this year.

This time of year is my time to weave and spin and this is a picture of one of my rugs that I made for the market or our new farm store that we are setting up. I only do one of a kind pieces but this rug is so pretty I want to do some more with this colour combination which I have hand dyed. I really enjoy the designing of a piece and it is always a pleasure when the result is the same as what I see in my head. I have posted this picture for your enjoyment but if you are interested please email me and I will send you the size etc. Have a good day. Cheers Shirley

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