Thursday, June 18, 2009

This old girl is named Sara and she is one of our first donkey rescues. She has dental problems as a result of poor diet and is on a Senior Mash for the rest of her life. She does okay when she is on pasture but she can't chew hay so we have to supplement her diet during the winter. She is always very scruffy looking but she loves to be brushed and fussed over. She like her walks and is very good with the farrier and usually has her next foot raised before the farrier gets to it. She will be busy on Saturday meeting and greeting all the visitors at the Open House. I will post new pictures after the event and let you know how it went....until then. cheers.
We are cleaning and tidying the farm getting ready for all our nice visitors arriving to our Donkey Days on Saturday June 20. This picture is our newly sided chicken coop and rest area . Doesn't it look grand. I hope you get to come and sit awhile on the bench. The bench was made by my friend Ingrid and she will have many more for sale at the Donkey Days Farmers Market.

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