Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The progression of Spring.

The chicks are a week old now and are growing as we speak. They are all doing very well in my mud room and are chirping away happily.
Last week before the Pigs arrived Donkeyman built a lovely 12x12 pen in the barn so the pigs could have a pen to come into out of the weather. The pigs for some reason broke in to two different groups and the more aggressive group wouldn't let the other group in. So Donkeyman decided today to divide the pen into two separate areas in the hopes that both gangs can come in out of the cold. We shall see tonight whether this works or not. Hopefully we are smarter than they are.

This is what the goat Miracle looks like after she was sheared. It has been so cold that they have to wear sweaters so they won't shiver. Miracle doesn't seem to mind but Finny is forever taking hers off.

This is a picture of Finny waiting to be sheared. She is only a year old so her fibre will be called Kid Mohair. Its is much finer and is less in weight than her mothers. I am now trying to find a place to have the fibre processed as theMill in Prince George has been sold and is in the process of being moved to Surrey. Both these fleeces with be mixed with sheep wool and then dyed and woven into rugs. This is my first harvest from the goats and I am so looking forward to dyeing and weaving the mohair into rugs as it gives such a sheen to the wool and takes the dye colour beautifully.

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