Friday, April 10, 2009

Baby Chicks

The arrival of Baby Chicks';)

It is always amazing how the chicks seem to now where the food is and start pecking at it right away. The first 48 hours of their life they don't need food or water as they still get nourishment from the remainder of the yolk in their system. That is why they can be shipped safely by Canada Post
Chicks getting their beaks dipped in water;

Spring always means baby animals and it brings a feeling of renewal and hope into everyone's lives. I drove to Kamloops yesterday and picked up my 50 Baby Chicks. They are a Rhode Island Red x Sussex chicks that will be laying eggs in about 5 months. They are so cute at this stage and they are busy peeping, chirping and sleeping just as they should be. I have them in my mud room which is nice and warm so I only worry about them getting too hot. As long as I keep the temperature at 90' they are happy.
As each chick is put into the bed it has its beak dipped in the water fountain so that it knows where to find water. I have always done this and it seems to work.

Our next project is the Angora Goats getting sheared. Until next time. Cheers Shirley

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