Saturday, January 24, 2009

Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge

Hello and Welcome to Our new Blog. We at Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge have an enourmous Love of Donkeys and we have spent the last 11 years providing loving homes for these wonderful animals. We currently have 7 donkeys of various sizes and personalities which I will introduce to you in the next few blog entries. As we are new to the Blog set up, it may take me a little while to work thru the process. We will be using lots of pictures to tell our story because nothing tells a story better than pictures of our place and our animals. Along with Donkeys we raise Angora Goats, Buff Orpinton Chickens, Worms for Composting and in season Pork and Turkeys for food. I am also a spinner and weaver with a passion for Wool Rugs. We hope you enjoy our journey through this opportunity of life which enables us to give the best care and love to these donkeys and their friends.

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