Sunday, January 25, 2009

Newcomer babies

What a beautiful sunny day today, cold though -15C with some wind. The animals enjoyed the sun out of the wind, the goats even kicked up their heels when we let them out for some exercise. The photo here shows our two new babies that arrived with their mother in July 2008. The brown donkey is Nova and she will be a year old in April. The grey donkey behind her is Julio and he is 16 months old. We don't know their parentage but we think they may be part minature donkey. They are both real characters and love putting their heads in 5 gallons pails and just staying there even though the pails are empty. These two babies arrived with their mothers because the previous owner had heart problems and couldn't keep the farm and didn't want to separate the donkeys. Donkeys are very herd oriented and don't like to be separated. We were very happy to have these donkey's join our family.

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