Saturday, January 31, 2009

Max and Maria

It all started with Maximo the first donkey we bought. He was six months old and a real character. If you stood still too long he untied your shoelaces, if you were working on the barn he carried your hammer and tape measure half way across the paddock. Along with Max came his mother Maria. A donkey in her late 30's that had foundered when in the care of someone else and had lots of feet problems. She came to us for free because she was always going to have foot problems and would require lots of vet care. And that she did. We cared for her for 10 years and just put her down in September 2008. We just didn't want her to suffer through another winter. She had been losing condition and was very unsteady on her feet. A very difficult decision indeed. Max called for her for a long time and Sara her companion wouldn't join in with the other donkeys for about two months. Maria was missed by all. She was a grand lady and ruled the farm during her stay with us. Now Max her son has taken over the herd and rules with a quiet leadership. No donkeys move without Max being the first in line. His call is the first you hear at the morning and evening feedings and he is the one that gets the first hugs of the day and last thing at night. A truly loving and smart donkey. His training will never end as he is very eager to learn new things and we are able to do just about anything with him. It is our hope that he will get his harness training this year so he can pull a buggy

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