Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Chris says:
Today was a lovely day as Laura and I got to spend some time with the donkeys at the new Refuge.  The minis were all quite content and several of them looked very dapper in their plaid and animal spotted blankets.  Laura gave each of the standard donkeys a good hug and scritches while I was in the office doing office stuff.  Then I joined Laura and we ventured into the standard herd for some up close encounters with the boys and girls.  Farrah was so happy to see Laura and I got to give some good snuggles to Lady who is unpredictable.  Sometimes she wants attention and other times not so much.  Today she wasn't sure at first but then she changed her mind and got some good ear rubs.  Julio was in a very playful mood and was kicking up his heels and rearing up, trying to get the other boys to play.  What a sweet boy.
While Laura continued to enjoy the standards, I visited each of the mammoth herd donkeys.  Cotton and Sampson were funny today as they really wanted their hugs but are still a little shy. As always, Ollie and Lillie were front and center for their hugs.  Even Ruby stood for a few moments of ear rubs before realizing that she might be looking like she was enjoying herself so headed off.
They each have their unique personalities and half the fun of being with them is watching them step "outside the box" to let you enjoy your time with them.
I Love Donkeys!

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  1. It was a great day. While Chris did her inside things I spent time with each herd. But the mammoth herd has gotten so large I am no longer sure who is who. But Ollie and Kiki where right there for their hugs. Tinny Tim and Margarita and Hilda seemed to love the fact that I had a hot pocket in my mitts. I must say I LOVE the standard herd Farrah, Lady and Fiffi needing the most time to come forward on their own. Thanks again Chris for the invite to join you on the drive,