Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Little Sara and her sidekick LadyBug
My favorite day of the week is Thursday as I have designated it as my Quality Time Volunteer day when I keep my promise to myself to spend time with the donkeys.  I get so wrapped up in the administrative end of the Refuge that I sometimes forget to treat myself to hugs and snuggles from my precious long-ears.
As winter nears and the donkeys grow their fuzzy winter coats, they seem to become less interested in hugs and scritches.  I on the other hand finally have time to give hugs and scritches so look out donkeys, here I come.
Did you know that the donkeys stay warm by somehow expanding their unique hair and capturing a layer of air against their skin.  This air heats up and as long as they aren't disturbed, it keeps them warm.  I compare it to how a dry suit works for scuba divers.  This is very important as their winter coats don't keep out rain and snow like horse hair does.
So....scritching and hugs are limited to the donkeys' heads which is still okay by me.  It is just wonderful being able to spend time with them.

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