Friday, October 24, 2014


Rob and Lillie doing mail pickup.
Lillie is without a doubt the sweetest, most loving donkey I know. She is tall and gentle, soft and cuddly and she makes you feel better just by being with her.  Lillie is our therapy donkey. On occasion we are contacted by the families of terminally ill loved ones who would like to visit the Refuge, in private, to find peace and reconciliation as they live out their final days.  Lillie stands quietly with them in the privacy of the barn while they hug and pat her. She seems to know that they need her strength and she gives it.  We call it Donkey Magic.  Most often the special visitor leaves with a sense of peace and purpose.

This past Tuesday evening, Lillie became ill and the world as we know it came to a standstill as we waited for the vet to arrive.  After losing Bonnie earlier this month, you can imagine how worried we were.  She was assessed as being compacted - a medical term for extreme constipation.  She was in great pain. The veterinarian "tubed" her to relieve her pain and get everything moving again.  Rob spent Tuesday night running back and forth to the barn to check on her. She is on the mend but progress is slow and she is not out of the woods yet.  I saw her yesterday and she still is not 100%.  The vet was on his way back to have a look at her.  I haven't heard but I hope everything is good and she is getting better.

We need to find the funds to build a proper INFIRMARY for our donkeys for when they get ill like Lillie did.  A warm, safe, healing area where we can care for them properly when they are unable to do that for themselves. Or be with them as they move along.

For the donkeys.

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