Sunday, October 26, 2014


Calendar Cover Page
One of the most amazing facts that I came to know as a volunteer here at the Donkey Refuge was that donkey behavior is very similar to human behavior.  We have special friends, we care for each other, and we mourn the loss of friends and family.   The same is true for donkeys.
I think my most profound experience of this was when Jack (who is seen with his non-donkey friend in our calendar) lost his friend of many years, Sadie.  He mourned her death and only seemed to settle after Shirley walked him to her gravesite where he quietly accepted her passing.
Of course, we are all very aware of the special friendships between Lady Bug and Sara, Hoss and Jose and so many of our other donkeys.  And how can we forget George and his friends, our goats Miracle and Finny.
The 2015 Refuge calendar looks at the special friendships that donkeys have and shares them through picture and captions.
I hope you enjoy the calendar and that it brings a smile to your face and happiness in your heart.  Some of the pictures were provided by visitors to the Refuge and others by staff and Shirley.
There is also special page of illustrations by Bonita Hager that show the Five Freedoms For Donkeys.  And of course a page that outlines the many ways that you can support the donkeys.
You can get your copy by contacting the Refuge on line at our website or by email.
PS - They make great Christmas gifts.

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