Thursday, September 11, 2014


Good Morning!
Hoss says, "I knew every answer!"
The Refuge set up an information display at the Salmon Arm Farm Fair last weekend.  We also had a gift basket draw for Children 12 and under.  The lucky winner was 5 year old Jack from Calgary who was visiting his grandparents from Blind Bay.  The basket had a very large crocheted donkey, a donkey sponsorship, a Refuge T-shirt and other goodies.  Thank you to all the children that entered the draw.  (We have shredded all the tickets as they contain the childrens' names and phone numbers.)

Also, a huge thank you to the folks that saw our display and attended our Pancake Breakfast last Sunday at the new farm.

Here are the answers to the crossword puzzle:
2 - a boy donkey is a JACK
3 - the smallest donkeys are MINI
4 - a donkey "says" HEEHAW
7 - the person who looks after donkey feet is a FARRIER
8 - the head gear for a donkey is a HALTER
9 - the middle sized donkeys are STANDARD
1 - the biggest donkeys are MAMMOTHS
5 - a donkey's foot is a HOOF
6 - a girl donkey is a JENNY
8 - a group of donkeys is a HERD

Have an amazing day!  

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