Sunday, April 29, 2012


Barn as it is now.  Overhang will be added to the left side.
I can often hear it in their voices.   The exhaustion that comes of restless nights and endless worry about bills and responsibilities.   Yesterday was different.   The cheque from the Vancouver Foundation had arrived for the barn enhancement that is badly needed to shelter the special needs and the mini donkeys.

Assurances that the "cheque is in the mail" don't compete with the joy associated with ripping open the envelope to reveal a major portion of the funds needed to make sure the donkeys are safe and protected from the unpredictable BC weather.   We also have been blessed to receive three donations from very generous supporters to pay for the two automatic water troughs and for their installation. A special thank you to the North Shuswap Lions Club and to Mrs. Penny Baker.

Shirley, Rob and the rest of us who tend to fuss can breathe easier for a few precious days.

Donkeys don't do wind, rain and snow.   They are desert creatures by nature, and have not physically adjusted to our four seasons.   Fortunately, we are able to provide structures to protect them. It is particularly funny to see them scurry into the barns, or under the wide overhangs during a rainfall. They line up side by side and watch for the end of the storm - quiet and still.   Like old men with their hands in their pockets watching the world go by.
Then the rain stops and off they go.   Back to whatever it was before the interruption.

And we go back to brainstorming on how to raise the balance of the funds to complete the barn enhancement in addition to the costs to care for our 27 (soon to be 29) donkeys.

We anticipate that the barn enhancement will take an additional $6,500 to complete.   And, of course the donkey care costs are ongoing.   If you wish to assist, please go to Canada Helps .com, choose Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge Society and donate.   We thank you.   Our warm dry donkeys thank you.   And most of all, YOUR HEART THANKS YOU.

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