Friday, May 8, 2009

fencing new pastures

This will be the new run for the chicken coop. Won't they have a nice view. Notice the wet lumpy land. It will dry out eventually we hope.

This machine was rented from Kamloops and helped the workers put in fence posts in record time.

The new pens fenced around the hay barn.

It is such a good feeling when a job is done around here. Well I can't really say it is fully completed but the first step is finally done. We rented a machine with the neighbour and put in about 150 new posts around the place. Well I shouldn't say we as all I did was keep them well fed while they were working here. That is usually my role when there is a work party going on. My garden got new posts as well as creating two new pens; one for the pigs and one for a new chicken coop area. Donkey Man also had broken posts replaced around the pastures which is a normal wear and tear event. The machine made the job go a little easier. The land around the hay barn is partially fenced now and will be a nice small pasture if the ground ever dries out. The area was used for a manure pit for a lot of years and it is still very soggy in spots. I am going to try an experiment and plant pumpkins on it this year. Lots of pumpkin's as the seeds are supposed to be very good for keeping worms aways for horses and I would assume donkeys. My small garden has lettuce, spinach and green onions up and the Honeyberries are budding out nicely. The Saskatoon berry plants should be arriving from Alberta any day now and will be ready for planting. So next week will be another busy week. I start selling at the Sorrento Market on May the 16th and every second Saturday after that. I am looking forward to doing it this year. The chicks are getting bigger they are a month old now and I am thinking of moving them in to the main chicken coop where they will have more room to move and they can start roosting at night. If it would just warm up a bit more at night I could get rid of the heat lamp soon to.

The Donkey Day's Open House is coming together nicely. If I haven't mentioned it before it is being held on Saturday June 20/09 from 10:00 -3:00. Everyone is welcome. This is a fund raiser for the Donkey Refuge and admission is by donation. We will have a Farmer's Market, Antique Farm Tool Sale, Worm composting and Spinning Demos and of course a meet and greet with our rescued Donkeys. It will be a fun day on the farm for everyone. It would be greatly appreciated if you can forward this invitation to anyone you think may enjoy coming to the farm that day. I hope to see you there.

Well my garden is calling me and I don't know how long the weather is going to hold today. So until we meet again. Shirley

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