Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Busy Days have arrived!

Hello again, I guess you have been wondering what I have been busy doing lately. My granddaughter and I worked the Earth Day Event at a local mall in Salmon Arm. We sold Red Wiggler Worms and composting bins. The next day I was at the O'Keefe Ranch promoting the Donkey Days Open House on June 20, 2009 and selling my handwoven rag rugs. I had a great day meeting all the visitors to the Ranch. It has a been a very busy time on the farm now that Spring has arrived. The weather has been great so we are getting a lot done.
A nice picture of our first and second pastures. The one in the far left was over-seeded in the fall and is coming along nicely. The second pasture is housing the donkeys right now until we put them on the pastures permanently and then it to needs some work. The previous owners had sheep and the sheep tend to over graze so all the pastures needed work.

Oh my how the pigs are growing.

One of our cats Puss Puss( also known as Boxer) watching me plant my garden. She is also in a good spot to watch for coyotes that tend to hunt in the neighbours field.

This is my new garden area. I have planted 50 blueberry plants, potatoes, carrots, onions, lettuce. peas and swiss chard so far. It still have to put in my new raspberry, blackberry and saskatoon berry plants that should be arriving in the mail this week.

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